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The source of County Court Judgment (CCJ) data may be provided by one or more of the following Credit Reference Agencies: TransUnion International UK Limited, Equifax Limited, Experian Limited.

2. RELATIONSHIP WITH CREDIT REFERENCE AGENCIES: TransUnion International UK Limited, Equifax Limited and Experian Limited.

When you have submitted your personal details to us at the time of your application to use our service, we will attempt to provide you with access to your personal credit report and credit score (and other services as set out below. Please note that we are not a credit reference agency.

We will submit the information you have provided to one or more of the following Credit Reference Agencies: TransUnion International UK Limited (TransUnion), Equifax Limited and Experian Limited who will attempt to locate and provide us with your credit report and credit score.

The information contained within your credit report, including your credit score, will be stored, formatted and categorised by us, and made accessible to you through our secure online portal via a menu-based system. We will use some of the data contained within your credit report and score to provide you with a summary of key facts, potential action points and alerts that may require your attention throughout the term of your membership.

Your statutory credit report can be obtained without charge from the following UK Credit Reference Agencies:

TransUnion International UK Limited, One Park Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS3 1EP. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under FRN 737740. Registered in England and Wales Company number 03961870, VAT number 974 8228 76. TransUnion’s Privacy Policy can be found here, TransUnion’s Terms of Business can be found here.

Equifax Limited, 1 Angel Court, London, EC2R 7HJ. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under FRN 739000. Registered in England and Wales Company number 2425920, VAT number 565 6292 13. Equifax’ Privacy Policy can be found here. Equifax’ Terms of Business can be found here.

Experian Limited, The Sir John Peace Building, Experian Way, NG2 Business Park, Nottingham, NG80 1ZZ. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under FRN 738097. Registered in England and Wales Company number 653331, VAT number 887 1335 93. Experian’s Privacy Policy can be found here. Experian’s Terms of Business can be found here.


When you become a member of StudentCreditChecker, you are provided with access to our Dark Web Monitoring service which can be utilised from your online account HERE.

We search the Dark Web using your email address, we report back to you any associated first name, surname, username, password, telephone numbers, postal address, postcode, exposed financial information - including bank or credit card data, the source, date, and summary of how the breach occurred and the amount of data that was exposed.

Knowing which of your personal details have been exposed online and are potentially being targeted by hackers and criminals, allows you to focus on how to limit the potential risk, quickly and effectively. This includes which usernames and logins to change, which passwords you might use for other online accounts, telephone numbers and email addresses that might be targeted by fraudsters posing as your bank or card provider, multiple data breaches may also result in potential Identity theft or account takeover, the sooner you are aware of them, the faster you can act.

We partner with a third-party company called Spycloud Inc who hold one of the world’s largest collections of recaptured data sources, with over 300 billion data fields, including 30 billion email addresses, 25 billion passwords and over 200 unique data types, they are specialists in combatting fraud and identity theft.

By choosing to use our Dark Web monitoring service to search and retrieve potential data breaches which will be reported back to you through our secure online portal, you must agree to the sharing of your email address with Spycloud Inc under the terms of their current privacy policy HERE.
Spycloud Inc, 2130 S Congress Ave, Austin, Texas 78704 -


When you become a member of StudentCreditChecker, you are provided instant access to our customer benefits platform which can be utilised from your online account HERE. We do not operate this service directly but partner with a third-party company called who specialises in various solutions to provide customers /members access to exclusive perks and discounts for various products or services. RS Data Tech facilitates immediate access to these discounts for our member's convenience, to do this upon successful registration to our product means you also agree to the processing of your data by to provide the customer benefit platform, meaning you also agree to their privacy policy which can be found HERE. The platform is technically powered through a software partnership hosted by which is a registered trading name of Ltd (Company Number 07016189). Ltd are the data controller in this partnership and their registered trading address is Rowan House, Hill End Lane, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL4 0RA. As a result of this partnership, your rights as a user will fall under the same Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions of the platform found HERE


To become a member of StudentCreditChecker you must apply online within this website and create an account with us. Once you have created your account and successfully entered your payment details, you will be presented with an onscreen message confirming whether your application to create an account has been successful. You will also be sent an email confirming your membership is now active.

Membership to StudentCreditChecker starts from the date your account has been created. Access to the Dark Web monitoring service, articles and exclusive offers will be provided to you from the outset. To gain access to the Credit Reporting element of our service, you must complete a further registration process which includes answering a series of questions to verify your identity. Once these questions have been answered successfully, access to your credit file will be provided by one or more of the following Credit Reference Agencies: TransUnion International UK Limited, Equifax Limited, Experian Limited.

In some instances, we, or TransUnion International UK Limited, Equifax Limited or Experian Limited, may ask you to provide further evidence in the form of documentation, either physical or digital, such as proof of identity or residency to access your credit file. If you do not submit the required documentation, or the documents that you submit are not sufficient for TransUnion International UK Limited, Equifax Limited or Experian Limited to validate your identity, you will be sent reminders after day 14, day 21 and day 28.

Not everyone that applies for the Credit Reporting element of our service will be accepted as a user. We do not have to notify you why you have not been accepted but one reason for this may be that, at the time you make your application, we may have been unable to match your personal details to the correct credit report and/or credit score. You may also not have been accepted because you did not have enough of a credit history on your credit file to provide a credit report and/or credit score.

From time-to-time instances may occur when our site or services are taken offline due to some form of a technology outage or even malicious attack. In some instances, it may be necessary for us, and or our partners, to maintain the service of the website provided to you under the terms of your membership to have a maintenance upgrade.

This could result in the service or website being taken offline or suspended temporarily whilst this maintenance takes place which may restrict access to the service for a period of time. We will try to limit any disruption to new and existing users by performing this maintenance at times where we expect low usage, but this may not always be possible.

Credit Report

We will attempt to provide a credit report and/or credit score to you through our secure online portal which will be updated on a weekly basis or on demand when you log into your account.

Alerts, Updates and Promotions

We will also attempt to provide you with alerts when your credit file or score displays a level of unusual activity which we feel merits your further investigation.

Alerts are a notification only service and are sent in the form of emails using the email address you provided to us as part of your application. It is your responsibility to ensure that this email address is accurate and monitored, and that any alerts are acted on promptly.

If you receive an email alert, you must log into your account to obtain further details to ensure that any changes that have been made to your credit file or score are valid. It is your responsibility to log into your account to get further details of the alert and take the appropriate action.

We recommend that you do not solely rely on credit alerts, you should check your credit report and score on a regular basis to ensure it is accurate and up to date. You can choose to unsubscribe from receiving alerts or further emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our email, by doing so, no further emails or alerts will be sent to your email address.

Credit Rating

As assessment of your credit rating will be calculated and made available to you online. The rating may take the form of an overall score or star rating and is based on your personalised credit history.

Credit Score

Credit Reference Agencies award an overall credit score to a consumer’s credit file based on their credit history, generally, the more responsibly you have managed your finances over the last six years, the higher your credit score is likely to be. Higher credit scores often allow consumers to access credit more easily and at cheaper rates.

Credit scores are influenced by many factors, including the amount of available credit being used, timely or late repayments, county court judgements, electoral registration, etc, all of which can be viewed within our online portal. Any inaccurate information showing on your credit file can negatively impact your credit score, so it’s important to check your credit file regularly to ensure any inaccuracies can be quickly corrected.

Victim of Fraud

If you suspect that you are the victim of identity fraud, or there are items showing on your credit file that you do not recognise or believe to be false, our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team are on hand to help.

As part of your free trial or continued membership benefits, you can receive a personalised telephone review of your financial profile from one of our Support team by booking an appointment HERE

You can contact our customer support team by live chat, email or telephone from 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday. You can find our contact details here


To continue to access our service once the initial free trial period has expired, an agreed monthly subscription fee, as communicated to you at the time of your application, will be payable by a continuous payment authority, or by Direct Debit, to StudentCreditChecker. The subscription cost and trial end date will be further summarised and communicated to you by email once you have successfully applied to use our service.

You can switch or downgrade your level of benefits and monthly membership charge by contacting our customer support team HERE

Depending on your bank, a descriptor will appear on your statement showing our name as an abbreviation, either UKCreditRatings or Visiting will provide you with a summary outline of our service and sign-up process, the ability to cancel your account online, and our customer support contact details.

An initial payment at the time of application (if required) will be payable immediately, or on the date specified in our offer to you (e.g. normally 14 days after sign up). A monthly subscription payment will continue to be deducted via your chosen payment method on the same day (where possible) and each month thereafter, until such time as your membership is cancelled. You will be charged a pre-authorisation charge of £1.50, or an amount equal to your recurring monthly subscription price at the point of application. A summary of your subscription costs can be accessed within the Member profile section of your online account.

You may download your statutory credit report without charge from the credit reference agencies as detailed in our terms (2). The credit reporting service is not a standalone chargeable service offered by StudentCreditChecker. Access to your credit report will be made available to you for the duration of your membership.


A member may cancel or terminate this agreement at any time by calling us at 0161 250 3350, by cancelling online through our webchat service at, via email through the contact page of our company website, or by notifying us in writing at: Terminations, RS Data Tech, Ltd., Piccadilly House, Suite 606, 49 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2AP (Parent company: RateSpecial Interactive, 46 Smith Alley, Suite #230, Pasadena, CA 91103).

A refund may be requested by the member at any time by contacting us at the above referenced number or by mailing us at the above mentioned address. However refunds will be given only in the cases of fraud, and/or in the event of our partial or total non-performance or inadequate performance of failure to deliver the agreed upon services to the member (i.e. site failure or service failure). If the member uses the services (i.e. signs up using a credit and or debit card and validates themselves) then services have been determined and agreed to have been rendered and therefore except in the circumstances referenced above, you forfeit the ability to demand a full refund for services rendered. For avoidance of doubt as soon as a sign up occurs for the membership, services have been delivered for that day and month and every day and month thereafter until membership is cancelled.

We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement (i.e. cancel Membership) upon giving you one week's notice (save for where there are serious grounds for doing so without notice). In the event of this occurring we will only credit your credit card or debit card in the amount equivalent to the remaining days left in the month i.e. pro-rata. For avoidance of doubt we will not refund your card for the entire month(s) charges or previous months charges because the service was being used and active. Once your membership is terminated we will not be required to continue to provide the said services to you after the termination of your membership.

You may terminate this Agreement (and cancellation of Membership) by giving us one week's notice.

Termination of this Agreement (and cancellation of Membership) will be effective within 1 week of the receipt by us of the Member's cancellation request or our notice to the Member.

Upon termination of membership and if the termination is within the Trial Period then no Membership Fees will have been payable or will be payable by the Member, and no Membership Fees will be re-credited to the Member's account. However if the termination is at any time after the Trial Period, then the Member will not owe any further Membership Fees in addition to those Membership Fees that are already due (and the Member will not be entitled to a refund of any past Membership Fees charged to the Member's account, (save for cases where there has been inadequate performance by us); and entitlement to access, make use of or benefit from Membership (including the Credit Reporting Service) shall cease. Should you cancel your account within the trial period, access will be immediately restricted and you will no longer be able to view your credit report or credit score.

Your contract for the Credit Reporting Services comes into existence once you have received the on-screen message that your application has been successful. If, as part of the application process, you are asked to submit some documents to us, your contract for the Credit Reporting Services comes into existence on the day that we are able to successfully verify your identity using those documents.


When you sign up and agree to be a Member of our services, you provide us with a continuous payment authority ("CPA") so that we can collect repayments automatically from your bank account using the debit card or the credit card or direct debit payment that you nominate for this purpose (Please see below for further information concerning CPA) .

A Member may be entitled to a Trial Period of Membership, details of which are located on the website you were shown or marketed to at the time of your initial sign up to be a member in our services. A member can cancel at any time in accordance with our "terms & conditions" located in the above paragraph or the link at the bottom of the said website with the link displaying refund policy.

After the Trial Period, the monthly Membership Fee for the amount communicated to you at the time of your application is payable in advance and will be automatically charged at the end of the Trial Period or on Renewal by use of cpa or direct debit. An email notification will be sent to the email address you submitted within your application to use our services. At the end of your trial period you will be charged a membership fee up to the value communicated to you at the time of your application and then for each subsequent month you remain enrolled as a member your card or direct debit will be charged up to this amount monthly until cancelled. You can cancel your membership by contacting us at any time and stop the monthly billing; however, you will not be eligible for a pro-rated refund of your current month's membership fee.

If applicable, in the event that your payment or billing source is unable to process the agreed membership fee, or there are insufficient funds available to meet the agreed monthly membership fee, to ensure that you continue to benefit from an uninterrupted service, including regular alerts and updates on your dark web monitoring, credit file, credit scores, perks and discounts, we may, at our discretion, divide the agreed monthly membership fee into incremental charges in order to process the membership fee, or collect a reduced amount for that month's membership, returning to the agreed membership fee for all subsequent months thereafter.

If we have been unable to determine a method for you to pay your membership fee we shall use ("CPA") to make up to five (5) additional attempts for the full membership fee. For avoidance of doubt we will use commercially reasonable efforts to use the following schedule in an effort to allow you to fulfil your agreement to pay the membership fee for the services rendered. :

- one attempt will be made on the first Friday following the end of the Trial Period;

- one attempt will be made on each of the four successive Fridays following the attempt set out in the previous bullet point.

Throughout the period referred to in the above paragraphs your access to the Service may be suspended pending receipt of the Membership Fee.

The attempts set out in the above paragraphs will continue until payment in full has been received, an alternative payment plan has been agreed or the limit of 5 further attempts has been reached at which point the Membership will be terminated.

To cancel this CPA you may contact your bank directly. Alternatively, you may ask us to cancel it by using the contact details found in the above paragraphs. Please be aware that if you do cancel you will still owe any outstanding Membership Fees as agreed and your access to the Service will be terminated. Cancellation of this CPA will be effective from the date that we receive such notification.

We may increase or decrease the Membership Fee on 30 days notice on the Website and by notice by email or letter to the Member. If the Member does not agree with any such change, the Member may terminate this Agreement by calling us at 0161 250 3350 or by notifying us in writing at: Terminations, RS Data Tech, Ltd., Piccadilly House, Suite 606, 49 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2AP (Parent company: RateSpecial Interactive, 46 Smith Alley, Suite #230, Pasadena, CA 91103).


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In no event will RDST or its third party partners or agents or employees thereof be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information in this Site or for any consequential, special or similar damages.

A credit report and credit score is an indication of your financial position. In the event you use your credit report and/or credit score to obtain credit, you should ensure that you are able to afford to make any repayments as they fall due.

If you think that any of the details on your credit report are incorrect, then you should contact us to raise a query by using the online process which can be accessed via your credit report. This will raise a dispute with TransUnion International UK Limited (the credit reference agency). If they agree that the information is inaccurate, they can make the necessary amendment. For more information, please consult our FAQs.

We will not be liable, (other than for fraudulent or negligent misrepresentations) for any economic losses (including without limitation loss of revenues, data, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings); loss of reputation; or special or indirect losses suffered or incurred by you.


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All communications with you will be in English.


If you have a complaint about our services, you should write to us and we will endeavour to resolve it as soon as possible.

If your query relates to data that TransUnion holds , or if we are unable to resolve your query or dispute, we may refer your query or dispute to TransUnion. TransUnion’s complaints policy is at:

Complaint Resolution: We have a complaint-handling process, which includes alternative dispute resolution (a process where an independent body considers the facts of a dispute and seeks to resolve it, without you having to go to court). If you are not happy with how we have handled any complaint, you may want to contact the statutory alternative dispute resolution provider for financial services in the UK – the Financial Ombudsman Service. The Ombudsman will not charge you for making a complaint and if you are not satisfied with the outcome you can still bring legal proceedings. The contact details for the Financial Ombudsman Service are:

The Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR
Tel: 0800 023 4 567 or 0300 123 9 123

Online Dispute Resolution Platform: You may also complain using the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution platform. This is an online facility designed to help consumers to resolve complaints they have, where they have bought goods and services online. This platform can be accessed via the following link:

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